Cupcake Singles


Cupcake singles is beautiful gift idea for a private birthday wish, a personal and romantic anniversary celebration, or just for you to try our delicious delights. Celebrate with flowers you can eat!

Available for pick ups only (for delivery requests, please contact us and an additional charge will apply). 

  • Buttercream floral, colours, flavours/fillings.
  • Our popular flavours include: Chocolate, Vanilla
  • Our popular fillings include: Caramel, Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon-curd, Passion Fruit, Cream.
  • Contains: Dairy, Gluten, Corn, Soy, Salt, Sugar, Egg, Flavourings, Edible Colours

For any requests, e.g. colour, specific floral, specific flavour/filling, or dietary restrictions please send us a message using the messenger icon or call us on 0220217238 so that we know the specifications of your order.

    • You can also contact us through a Private Message using the messenger button near the scroll bar or just give us a call on 0220217238.

"Rose", "Dahlia", "Sunflower", "Scabiosa", "Magnolia", "Gerbera", "Anemone", "Poppy", "Daffodil", "Cherry Blossom", "Hydrangea", "Orchid"


"Red", "Blue", "White", "Yellow", "Pink", "Orange", "Purple", "Brown", "Black", "Green", "Natural – Chef's Choice"

Payment Method

"POLi Pay", "Direct Bank Transfer", "Credit Card/Debit Card/EFTPOS", "Google/Apple Express Checkout"

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