Tres Leches Cake (Three Milk Cake)


Experience the ultimate treat with our luscious Tres Leches dessert tubs (1000ml and 1500ml)!

Tres leches is a traditional Latin American dessert consisting of a vanilla bean cake soaked in three types of milk (Tres Leches is “Three Milk” in English). This process creates an exceptionally moist and rich cake with a unique, melt-in-your-mouth texture. It’s often topped with whipped cream.

Options available:

  • Classic Tres Leches: Enjoy the classic Tres Leches made as per the classic recipe. Contains dairy, sugar, gluten, vanilla, egg.
  • Gluten Free Tres Leches: The same Tres Leches, but gluten free! Contains dairy, sugar, gluten free flour, vanilla, egg.
  • Vegan Tres Leches: Yes! We’ve made Tres Leches without the Leches (milk)! You’ll love our vegan tres leches. Contains oat/coconut, sugar, gluten free flour, vanilla, aquafaba.
  • Keto Tres Leches: Our Keto Tres Leches will make you smile! Contains dairy, keto sweetener, almond flour/low carb flour, vanilla, egg.

At least 48 hours notice required because we make it from scratch each time and it needs time to set and soak up all the liquid

Available for pick ups only (for delivery requests, please contact us and an additional charge will apply). 

For any requests, e.g. further customisations, or specific dietary restrictions, please choose the Custom cake product option and fill the form.

      • Prices for custom products are different.
      • You can also contact us through a Private Message using the messenger button near the scroll bar or just give us a call on 0220217238.

"Classic", "Gluten free", "Vegan", "Keto"


"1000ml – 4 servings", "1500ml – 6 to 8 servings"

Payment Method

"POLi Pay", "Direct Bank Transfer", "Credit Card/Debit Card/EFTPOS", "Google/Apple Express Checkout"

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